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    The armed citizen is the first,
    and final defense against tyranny

THE TEMPLAR private military company

Our main activity is military consulting. Implementation of planning, training of military units and civil,retraining of officers and technical staff, demining and military translation services and so on.

PMC "Templar" operates exceptionally within the law of Ukraine, the laws of the host country and follows international legal acts such as:

  • UN Security Council Resolution 1816 N;
  • UN Security Council Resolution 1838 N;
  • UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Art.105);
  • The UN Charter (Art.51);
  • Code of Conduct for the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

We do not work with:

  • countries which imposed sanctions or embargo the UN;
  • countries that violate international humanitarian law;
  • countries that violate human rights;
  • terrorist organizations and drug cartels;
  • organized criminal organizations and criminals;
  • groups engaged in the illegal trade of arms and weapons of mass destruction and OMP.

We do not recruit; do not participate in the fighting on the side of foreign countries and illegal armed groups.




Аеророзвідка на «аутсорсі»: за 120 вильотів жодної втрати

Services of the private military company "Templars"

Private military company "Templar" appeared in the first months of the war, or ATO, due to awareness of the necessity of training of professional personnel, for the effective protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Our employees are people who got their motivation and experience during warfare or combat missions.

Types of our activities during the war, were chosen based on the real need to achieve victory over the enemy. These activities are:

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The main condition for successful conduct of combat operations is the availability of reliable and verified information about the enemy. In cooperation with loyal local people to uncontrolled territories, we organize the collection and verification of information about the locations of enemy vehicles, warehouses, the bases of the enemy, etc. Data collection is carried out, including by means of BPLA. Based on the information we evaluate the potential for enemy warfare.

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First aid in terms of military action in the sector of shelling and temporary shelters. Individual and group first aid kit. Principles and algorithms to provide emergency medical care. First aid in violation of the cardiovascular system. Wounds and bleeding. The evacuation from the battlefield, first aid in temporary shelters.

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PMC "Templars" offers in-depth tactical training course, which includes:

  • self defense with various types of weapons;
  • protecting yourself and your families in different situations;
  • how to behave in extreme circumstances (if there is a capture of the building, when there are armed terrorists or when fight begins in the street);
  • how to create a temporary protection from scrap materials;
  • tactics of defense, attack, retreat and regroup;
  • how to choose the right outfit and how to use it effectively;
  • Individual settings of weapons and equipment that take into account all the different needs of individual rights;
  • training as one and in pairs, or in groups of up to 6 people.


Phone: +380931184136.
E-mail: tamplar@protonmail.com